Tech Planning Meeting #4: Monitoring and Evaluation

December 11, 2006

Note: While we wait for late arrivals, please work on the Additional Group Work below.

Welcome Activity (15 min.)

Overview "Monitoring and Evaluation" Guiding Questions (15 min.)

Review of Sample Tech Plans "Monitoring and Evaluation" Sections (15 min.)

Section Group Work (90 min.)
  • Review "Monitoring and Evaluation" guiding questions.
  • Review collected data.
  • Identify data that is still needed.
  • Prepare a plan for collecting the necessary data.
  • Create any online surveys that will help with your data collection.
  • Draft an outline of "Monitoring and Evaluation" subsection.

Additional Group Work (Time Permitting)
  • Review your answers to the "Needs and Resource Assessment" and "Goals" guiding questions. Is data still needed to answer some of the questions? If so, how can that data be collected and who can take care of it before drafting begins for your section?
* If your group finishes early, please see Mark Wagner for an additional task. (We begin drafting tomorrow!)

Sharing Group Work for Additional Feedback (30 min.)
  • Curriculum
  • Professional Development
  • Infrastructure, Hardware, Software, & Technical Support
* Funding and Budgeting
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Next Steps and Closing Activity (15 min.)