Write up the following:


Get link to Adult Ed Tech Plan online (psas, psas) - just an updated plan
see p. 9 needs goals and objectives
Get summary via email
Get list of schools via email
Get Student Googling via email
Get Computer Workplace Skills via email

Palm Spings Adult School:
Oxford picture dictionary
Rosetta Stone
Mavis Beacon
MS Office
Internet Access
Waiting lists here because of computer access.

8 sites with night classes
Need more technology for ESL students during the evening.
Access needs to be provided where labs exist. How about installs?
Rio Vista - No Lab
Landau - No Lab
Cathedral City El. - has a lab - also a day class that could use it.

Bubbling Wells - No Lab
Desert Springs Middle School - lab and laptops
This is EETT funding.
Logistics... Adult Ed can go to the laptops.
Accountability? (Part of benchmarks?)

Cielo Vista - library computers
Coyote Run Apts - No Lab (Head Start Only)
Palm Springs Adult School - See above

Della Lindley - has a stationary lab

How about shared costs at the sites with No Labs? And just add a lab at Coyote Run. A state grant for community based English tutoring (CBET) can provide this funding over the next two years. Perkins funding is generally avoided now... considering not applying - not being part of consortium next year.

How about Interwrite pads? Not helpful for this program.

Shared costs for the technology.
What would benefit both the daytime and evening students?

Parents will learn tech and thus understand and actively participate in their children

Question about donations: there needs to be an approval process for donations... it has been a part of this process. Needs to be articulation between TIS and business office.

Note: No more 20% service charge on equipment. :)


ACCESS ISSUE: They also teach adult students how to do email, including attachments and photos. Access has been an issue. Adults need access to email. There is a also an instructor who wants to use a Google account for blogs, picassa, etc. who is jumping through hoops to set up yahoo email for students.