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Alt Ed

Where does this appear in the tech plan? (Jenny?)
Add a Curriculum Goal?

Independent Study Program

Online, Offsite Independent Provider (Advanced Academics), core academics, electives etc... may be expanded to include students attending the school. May also explore/use the online courses available from the UC schools (English/Spanish).

Note: CCHS also used Advanced Academics for CAHSEE prep.

Process for approval of online courses. (Selection, accreditation, etc - even selection of vendors)
Lab Sciences are still an issue.
Partial Credit is an issue
Equal access is an issue - if a student doesn't have high speed access at home, they have to come to a lab - or does the district provide laptops.
Could open the traditional labs after hours (if aide provided)
How about labs off district property... churches etc?

This is bringing back kids though... even from private schools. Some kids even out of state and out of country. Pro sports players.

Summer Courses (for GATE students etc)
AP Prep Courses

Distance Ed Benchmarks (curriculum... need infrastructure goals)
2007-2008: Establish policies.

Cost = ~$56k/yr so far (for 40 kids, not all participated), $70k/yr (larger class load, full 40 kids participating)
Instructional Aide = ~$29k
Paid for by ADA via independent study
Generated $5k in income. :)

Currently first-come first-serve, 30 day probationary period. Lots of interest and a waiting list. (Ordinarily 9-12, one 6th grade GATE kid, some special ed)

Home and Hospital Program

- Connect student students back to the classroom over the internet... via some kind of video conferencing etc. (note: using Macs with iSights)
psusd firewall is an issue
hospital firewalls are also an issue
- Podcasts or on-demand online video instruction
- Provide laptop and/or handheld

Currently paying teachers hourly and mileage to go to the students.

Approximately 60 students annually.